About us

Olvex Ltd. was established in February 2003. Initially our aim was to meet the diagnostic needs of the MOL Group.


Since its foundation, Olvex Ltd. belongs to the forefront of the Hungarian oil and chemical companies that provide engineering services. Our company offers its clients a wide range of complex planning and engineering services in the following areas: mechanical engineering and technological assembling (scaffolding, insulation, metal coverings and corrosion protection), architectural plans, general construction engineering, installation and maintenance of storage tanks for dangerous liquids, pressure keeping vessels, energy-, oil- and gas industry pipelines and heating systems.


In addition to our engineering services, Olvex Ltd. also specialises in certification/verification services and material testing (surveys, pressure test documentation, various types of nondestructive testing, product certification, product control, etc.)


Our company operates its quality control system according to EN ISO 9001:2008 patent and all our activities are carried out as defined in the standards.


Our company’s reputation is based on the excellence of our staff, therefore all of them have the necessary professional qualifications, relevant work experience and language skills.


As the quality of our staff is the major strength of our services, our ongoing investment in training helps to strengthen and expand    these competences. Olvex Ltd. supports secondary and higher education in the framework of the dual vocational training.

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Olvex Ltd. is recognized as one of the leading engineering service provider companies in the oil and chemical industry in Hungary.


Our company is determined in enhancing its quality of work and anticipating the needs of the most demanding clients worldwide with taking into condsideration the ever-changing social, environmental and customer requirements.


Our staff have significant experience in building, mechanical and technological engineering and construction. Our team of experts can help you select the most appropriate technology. Based on our technical experience and timely assessment of your needs, we can determine and deliver a cost-effective solution for you.


Olvex Ltd acts as a sole agent for different well-known foreign companies on an exclusive basis.


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Bertalan Molnar

Executive manager