Premise developments of Olvex Ltd.

Premise modernization in Tiszaújváros:



The purpose of this investment was to meet the stringent environmental regulatory requirements by modernizing the above premise, and also to restart the washing unit of the above named premise, moreover to expand the company’s maintenance services.


Premise in Százhalombatta:


The company stored all its assets and carried out all its activities in a previously leased premise where the buildings were not economic anymore and it cost a lot for the company to maintain them.


As a result of the above development, Olvex Ltd. could move into a modern office building with spacious rooms and well-equipped yard, not to mention that the new building was even cost-efficient. In addition to all these advantages, this development also made it available for the company to expand its services at the new premise.

Technological developments of Olvex Ltd.

Supply of hydraulic straightening bench:



Three innovative machines have been supplied under this tender: a manual and an automated valve grinding and lapping machine, as well as a valve tester. The company needed greater sensitivity and more accurate instruments than before in order to be able to pursue more effective tests and obtain more advance assets. The company will be able to maintain more easily and screen more carefully the customers’ high-value equipment with the newly purchased insturments and also become more competitive in the market.